When a fan attacked a goalkeeper with a corner flag

In football, the corner flag, as its name implies, is supposed to be used for indicating the corner of a football field. You can use 1xbet.com.zm for online sports betting whenever footballers are likely to score after a corner.

However, in Turkish football, a genius who probably thought he was a Jedi knight decided to use it in a different manner. On the 27th of November 2022, a bizarre scene was seen in a match of the second division of Turkish football. Currently you can use the 1xBet platform for online sports betting on football matches of this division too.

A match that only lasted 19 minutes

On that day, the Izmir derby between Göztepe and Altay was played. Fans of both teams have a huge rivalry, which was seen in its worst form during that match. In fact, their despicable actions led to the suspension of the contest after only 19 minutes. Right now you can go to 1xBet – place a live bet now on other matches that hopefully will last the usual 90 minutes.

It turns out that during the match, fans from Altay decided to throw all kinds of objects at their Göztepe counterparts. Unfortunately many of the latter were injured. For this reason, the referee decided to stop the match while ambulances entered the field in order to take some injured supporters. Bettors can place a live bet at 1xBet now on other matches from Turkish football too.

A genius discovered a new use for the corner flag

As soon as the match stopped, things became totally chaotic. Fans from both teams entered the field while players were retreating to their dressing rooms. Before other fierce derbies begin to be played, you can try 1xBet casino online and its great games.

At some moment, and out of nowhere, a Göztepe fan appeared and removed one of the corner flags. However, rather than trying to protect the flag from all the chaos, he pretended to be a Jedi knight. This is because he struck Altay goalkeeper Ozan Evrim Özenç twice in his head from behind. Who knows, maybe this fan thought he had a lightsaber in his hand.

The consequences of this despicable action include:

  • the goalkeeper was diagnosed with a concussion, and needed stitches to treat his wounds;
  • the genius who discovered a new use for the corner flag was arrested;
  • also, because of the incidents, several fans had serious injuries, with many of them needing surgery.

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